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FIC: Come to make me pay - Cruel Beauty
Because it all makes perfect sense
FIC: Come to make me pay
Title: Come to make me pay
Author: Esinde Nayrall
Pairing/Characters: Sirius Black/Lucius Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 15,294
Warning: Slash. Dubious consent. Strongly implied off-screen incest.
The Request: Written as part of reversathon 2006 for kennahijja, who requested: Sirius/Lucius, either alone or in a threesome/foursome as long as it has a Lucius/Sirius clash at the core, with Lucius putting Sirius (and/or Remus) under pressure. Blackmail, mindgames, politics, war, dub-con or non-con would be fine. High rating would be nice, but plot is more important. I have a small preference for pre-Azkaban or Sirius' late schoolyears, and a serious dislike for puppyfluff and S/R romance.
Summary: “Oh, well, if it comes to that, Malfoy…” Sirius says, his lips curving into a genuine smile now, “I thought you’d know by now that I’m rather fond of you.”
Notes: I can't thank my beta's enough, and I am indebted to both of them (fleshdress and secondsilk) for their assistance with several aspects of this fic. Any remaining errors are my own.